Stowabike V2 Folding Mountain Bike - Our Thoughts On this Off Roader

So we'll kick this review off with a question and see if we can answer it by the end of the page. Take a look at the Stowabike Folding Mountain Bike and tell me how on earth they are making money from it? Top quality parts and some great features for around $140, what gives?

​The Stowabike V2 features high-quality parts by Shimano with a dual suspension system. The shifters are produced by the highly acclaimed MicroSHIFT company The left shifter is a Microshift 3 speed grip shifter and the right handed one is a Microshift 6 speed grip shifter. Even the front derailleur is a Saigun QD-23a with the rear being a Shimano RD-TZ50.

See what we mean?

All in all we we're very impressed with the value provided by the Stowabike V2 mountain bike, it's a good looking bicycle that is suitable for the urban environment as well as taking it off road which is what it's designed for. The price is right and we've made the decision to award it as our most value added mountain bike that we've reviewed so far.

Take a look at the specs and demo video below, after that we'll jump into the pros and cons section. For all the value on offer here we did pick up on some negatives so be sure to take that into consideration before whipping out that card of yours.  


Frame:Steel Stowabike folding frame
Wheels:Full-size 26 inches
Folded size:39″ x 35″ x 23.5″
Weight:36 lbs
Shifters:Microshift 3-speed grip shifter on left
6-speed grip right shifter on right
Derailleurs:Saigun QD-23a (Front) and Shimano RD-TZ50 (Rear)
Spring shock:750lbs/in

Should you buy the Stowabike V2 Folding MTB?

​The Good

  • The price! This is a great bike for under $200. Most folding bikes begin at $300+ minimum so to get one that has 18 gears, 26" wheels for this price is an absolute bargain.

The Bad

  • It's designed as an offroad bike, so you'd assume it'll be taking on some pretty tough terrain and may be involved in some spills along the way. What we're concerned about is the plastic pulleys and derailleurs. How long will they last if put to the test?
  • The suspension is great if you're a light to average weight individual. If you're a tad on the heavy side we think the suspension could be an issue in making sure you have a comfortable ride.

The Verdict

Torn, it's a great bike at a great price. We say buy if you're not going to use it for hardcore mountain biking. ​We suspect it won't last the distance if used on tough terrain and think you'd be much better off with the Montague Paratrooper Pro

If you'll be mostly using it for urban rides on pavement or gravel then yes buy the Stowabike V2 especially if price is a strong purchasing consideration.