Two mountain bikers riding Paratrooper Pro folding mountain bikes

Folding Mountain Bikes - The future of offroad riding

If you're riding off road and hitting dirt trails, breathe easy, we've got you covered. Folding mountain bikes are becoming increasingly popular with both off road and extreme environment riders as they offer a number of features that traditional mountain bikes just can't match. 

Think about this for a second. How difficult is it to carry a mountain bike? They're cumbersome heavy bicycles and hiking through difficult terrain while carrying one is certainly not our idea of having fun. With a folding mountain bike you can go off the trail with no problems, simply collapse the bike and either attach it like a backpack or carry it one handed to your next trail ride.  

Transport isn't a problem either as these bikes fold down to almost nothing and eliminating the need for expensive bike racks. Heck you could even catch a bus or train out to your ride. 

Here's a quick rundown of our best folding mountain bikes. At this stage we only recommend with confidence these following models of fold up mountain bike. 






Stowabike V2

38.5 lbs (17.4 kg)



Montague Paratrooper Pro

28.9 lbs (13.1 kg)



Quick Tips On Choosing The Right Folding Mountain Bike For Your Needs

What Size Are The Wheels? Make Sure They're 26".

Most folding bikes have 16" or 20" inch wheels. Forget those, they're not designed for off road riding and certainly not for tough terrain. Checking the wheel size is the very first thing you should do, you're after the larger 26" wheel. This size will power you through mud, sand and wet conditions with a longer wheel rotation time. 

Make Sure The Folding Mechanism Is Quick And Effortless 

You definitely want a mountain bike that is quick and easy to fold. Most modern designs have very simple folding mechanisms that can be completed in under 30 seconds. No folding mountain bikes reviewed on this page will give you any trouble in that department and all can be completed without the need for a tool to be used. 

Check How Compact The Bike Is For Transporting 

This makes sense. The more compact the bike is when folded the easier it is to carry. Given that foldable mountain bikes are larger than normal folding bikes they won't be as compact but you'll find most models collapse down nice and snug, we haven't included any poor folders in our reviews as that to us is a big red flag. All the bikes we show you will fit in your car and are suitable for hauling off trail b hand or on your back. 

​Check The Suspension 

make sure the suspension is up to the job! You'll be riding on rough uneven terrain so good suspension is essential for a smooth enjoyable ride.