Mini Cooper - First The Car Now The Bike

Well somebody had to be the first. Mini Cooper have made the crossover from cars to folding bikes and they haven't done too bad a job. We know what some readers will be thinking about the branding, it's a little umm too much, and initially that was our first impression as well, however there's no denying the Mini Cooper folding bike is a great looking ride. 

​This mini folding bike is incredibly lightweight and compact, it's actually designed to fit in the trunk of the MINI Cooper so that gives you an idea of just how compact it is. But underneath the stickers, badges and branding is a suprisingly high quality machine. Here's a quick vid to show you the MINI in action (It's In german I'm afraid, but you get to see the folding mechanism in action)

​Checking out the spec sheet you'll note it makes use of parts built by the worlds leading folding bike producers Dahon and Tern, giving it not only a geat look but making it a great ride as well. The tires are the 20 Inch Schwalbe KOJAK 35-406 Dahon special edition, while the braking system makes use of the Kinetic V system both front and back. 

With 8 gears moderate hills are no problem and the Selle Royal Gel seat makes it a comfortabe ride as well. This bike is solely an urban dweller not being suited to the rugged outdoors or steep hill climbs, similar to the car really. Overall we found it to be a comfortable ride with a smooth gear change and a quick easy fold. Check out the spec sheet below, you'll see what we were talking about earlier with the quality build parts


Color:Black or Lime
Weight:24 lbs.
Fork:Dahon Slipstream, Aluminum
Shift System:NEOS.2 for 8-speed
Brakes:Kinetix V-brakes, front & rear
Brake Lever:Avid FR5 Aluminum
Wheels:20 Inch – Tires Schwalbe KOJAK 35-406 Dahon special edition
Inner Tubes:Schwalbe Unitube 20” AV6 (with car valve)
Chain:Taya Chain OCTO, Teflon-Coated
Pedals:Folding, Aluminum Body, Non-Slip
Saddle:Selle Royal Gel
Saddle Clamp:Dahon “Turtleneck” with quick release


The Good

  • Made From Quality Parts. A mish mosh of parts from the top folding bike manufacturers. A well made bike with top quality parts.
  • Super Light. Weighs only 24 lbs or just under 11 kg, the Mini Cooper bicycle is a breeze to carry and commute with.
  • Style. Did we mention good looking?

The Bad

  • The branding. Well that could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the owner.

The Verdict

Overall a big thumbs up from us. There's no denying this is a smooth looking machine, made from quality parts, lightweight with some great extras included. In fact we really like the design and think it's one of the better looking foldable bikes on the market today.

However what we didn't like in  our MINI Cooper folding bike review was the branding and whole Mini Cooper association, it seems a bit, how should we put it, pretentious? But hey that's just us and overall this is a well made, great looking set of wheels.