About Us

Hi and welcome to the Folding Bike Fan company website.

We're a new start up company that is online based and focused squarely on our passion which is the folding bike movement. Folding Bike Fan was founded by Nathan, Shane and Zoe who all met at the University of Pittsburgh but who are now evenly dispersed around the globe in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the US respectively. 

We're all proud owners and regular riders of folding bikes. All of our reviews are written first hand and after years of riding push bikes, 10 speeds and mountain bikes we know our stuff, or we like to think we do anyhow. The whole reason Folding Bike Fan exists and was formed, our mission statement for want of a better word, is to provided unbiased and unsponsored reviews of folding bikes both for new and experienced riders.

​Hopefully one of the things that will shine through for readers is our review style. We aim to be relaxed and informative without being full of jargon and specs. Let us know what you think and drop us a line via our contact form if you have any suggestions. 

The Folding Bike Fan Team